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The forum is run by random people who volunteer their time to help inform people and get them on the right path. The website is pretty decent in some respects but fails in others. I feel that it should not promote the psyllium husks and clay cleanse as well as crappy probiotics such as threelac and fivelac. There isn’t anything we can do because the website is not run by us random people on the forum.

As far as the cleanse, you don’t have to do a second cleanse at all. The cleanse is completely optional and if you choose not to do it, simply starting the diet is completely OK.

In reality, I feel that a lot of people should visit a naturopathic or holistic doctors for advice and a good plan. However, not everyone can afford to do this and some doctors offer very poor advice.

I also failed and didn’t see the forum first before starting the diet. It is pretty common and easy to do this…doing the diet and finding a cure is pretty difficult if you follow the website.