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raster wrote:
As far as the deer…all wild meat is OK as long as you don’t get too much gas production. The big no no’s are pork and beef, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have lamb, buffalo, or deer!

Actually, all living animals have ammonia in their bodies, including humans. So when it comes to ammonia, the type of animal doesn’t matter as much as the amount of protein that the meat contains per serving. Deer and beef are both red meat with almost identical amounts of protein per serving, and regardless of which animal we’re speaking of, ammonia is produced when the protein is broken down during digestion. Actually, the protein in chicken is broken down in the same manner, but it doesn’t normally cause quite as strong a reaction as red meat, but the protein is still the reason that I advocate eating chicken only two or three times a week at the most during the worse part of the infestation.