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Doctor’s don’t realize that when strong antibiotics/anti-bacterials are taken long enough to wipe out nearly all good flora ,leaving mostly fungal candida, that the vast population of fungal candida will be the primary cause of immune dysfunction. They don’t recognize this because these types of cases are the minority. With a lot of cases yeast overgrowth can cause an overload of acetaldehyde which can cause an hypersensitive immune response. So in order to get the immune response back to normal the candida population has to be minimized. The trick is trying to reduce the candida population without reducing the good flora at the same time.

Most cases of candida seem to be caused by the abuse of antibiotics and antibacterials. The minority of candida cases seem to be caused by immune dysfunction(caused by heavy metals or other chemicals impairing immune function.)

Bottom line is a numbers game. We have trillions of cells in our gut immunity vs our organ/blood/other tissue immunity. Too bad humans were not created with a organ in the intestines that could churn out billions of good flora. None of us would be in this mess.

Bacterial infections can cause diarrhea, but severe candida causes constipation. Candida’s metabolites(alcohol,ammonia) are constipating. The body’s other way of dealing with infection is by producing excess HCL and bile.

There is a lot of Americans with immune dysfunction that don’t have strong candida. But put them on a strong long round of antibiotics/anti-bacterials and that can quickly change.