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Thank you all kindly for the replies.

The info on borax and food grade h2o2 i found on the earth clinic forum site, – about 4-5 paragraphs down theres a few paragraphs relating directly to candida. (In a response to AGT)

I have actually been taking the h202 an hour before any food in the mornings and have honestly been feeling much better for it. – this site focuses mainly on h202’s benefits for cancer, but is a very interesting read.

Just really quick as well – Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, the organism in the probiotic formula mentioned above is in fact brewers yeast! Have heard good things about it in relation to overall wellbeing and candida control. – the effects it had on a study done with oral thrush.

“S. cerevisiae does not produce toxins that are harmful to humans or animals. However, it is capable of producing what are known as “killer toxins” that are fatal to other yeasts. S. cerevisiae is sometimes used in food and beverage preparation facilities to control the contamination of fermentation production areas by other kinds of yeasts. “ taken from –

@raster: I’ve heard about this! Candida hating the heat, as its summer here now definately going to get my sunlounge on! After browsing the site mentioned earlier for h202 info, theres a section in regards to sunlight: Coconut oil is also fantastic as a sunscreen i’ve found. Apply liberally and you tan nicely without the burn! (provided you’re not out in it for too long of course)

I will make a log (freehand in a journal) of my daily diet, activity levels, sleep, emotional and physical changes and update on the site every week or so!