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qkly wrote: My main fear is that the anti fungals im taking are killing the probiotics im taking so therefore im kind of just doing circles and not getting better!

Most antifungals can kill bacteria, and antifungals certainly can’t tell the good bacteria from the bad, so both are killed in the process. The antifungals that do not destroy the beneficial bacteria are ‘whole foods’. Examples are raw garlic or garlic oil and coconut oil. Garlic is not only an antifungal, but it’s also a prebiotic which as most of you know is food for the bacteria in the intestines. Coconut oil is a natural whole food antifungal but it also works by changing the environment of the intestines so that it is less hospitable for the Candida but more beneficial for the beneficial bacteria because of its acidic nature.

The fact that antifungals kill the beneficial bacteria is also the reason why you shouldn’t continue taking the bacteria-destroying antifungals long into the treatment, but only until you have the Candida population under control, or reduced to the point of very mild Candida symptoms. At that time you can depend on the probiotics and diet to complete the treatment. This is also the reason for taking such a high count of probiotics – in order to replace the bacteria that are being destroyed as well as rebuild the flora which was damaged by the Candida infestation.