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Howdy there,

Grapefruit/oregano capsules: You can just use the raw liquid oil instead if you want. Good antifungal in general.

Coconot oil: Good antifungal

Spirulina/chorella: Maybe not necessary, but get it if you want.

Probiotics: The most essential thing you will need for your recovery. Get either the Megaflora brand or HMF neuro which are human derived probiotics.

H202: Never heard of this and likely not necessary

Borax: Never heard of this being a candida remedy, I wouldn’t use it.

Garlic: Raw garlic cloves are just as good, same with garlic pearls.

Multivitamin: I would get individual vitamins instead such as zinc, vitamin c, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, etc. Multivitamins rarely have the correct ratios and amount necessary in one capsule.

Cod liver oil: Reduces inflammation. A great alternative is to get is fermented cod liver oil which has more natural ratios of vitamin A and D and contains probiotic properties. It is also twice the price or more.

Pau d’arco: Ineffective and wouldn’t get this.

Lemon juice/apple cider vinegar: Won’t really effect things very much but go ahead if you want.

One’s I recommend:
-Grape bitters: Heals the gut and other organs
-Cinnamon pearls: Heals the gut
-SF722 undecenoic acid: Very effective long term antifungal that candida cannot adapt to easily.
-Molybdenum: Not too familiar with it but reduces die-off symptoms
-Vitamin C with bioflavanoids (bioflavanoids contain detox properties beneficial to fighing candida).
-Magnesium/zinc/calcium vitamin supplement

One really effective way to detox is to sweat out the toxins via steam room, sauna, hot tub, or even hot bath. This will allow for the bodies biggest organ, the skin, to detox the dead candida from your body and will reduce die-off symptoms.