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Jessgentry26;55536 wrote: Hm i had no idea that S Boulardii didn’t work with anti fungals! thats new information… I do have two bowel movements a day, the magnesium helps. But the one in the morning is great and then through out the day its some what pathetic. Your probably right on the supplement intake, I’m actually taking less then i have in the past. Crazy i know, my day actually revolved around medicine. If i back off on the antifungals won’t that cause the yeast to thrive since I’m not hitting it as hard? In my head I think they would create an easy resistance to backing off on the antifungals. I’m so scared I’m going to become resistant to everything and not getting better period. is that possible? thats why i beat myself up so bad for binging. Also, are avocados really that bad to have on candida diet? I love guac, especially chipotles guace, and i have an issue getting all my fats in.

First of all, we have to do something to ease your anxiety.
Im thinking you have adrenal issues pretty bad. I could be wrong…but if im right and you treat them, you will see a significant difference in your situation.
It cant hurt you to treat them from the research I have done. I do Tension-Tamer by Celestial Seasonings in the evening and sometimes in the afternoon.
Do you get salt cravings? This is often a sign.

Easing off your antifungals isnt going to dent your situation in a meaningful way that I am aware of. As long as you are not binging on junk everyday, you can do coconut oil and some garlic and call it a day….for now. Whether you hit things harder later is another story, but for right now you need to know what is helping and what isnt.

Promise me you will do more reading before making any major adjustments to your diet.
I am a fan of raster’s safe food list for people who eat meat.
Its stricter than I can be because im vegan, but you can always add to it.
Its an excellent foundation 🙂

I would relax on the probiotics if you can tolerate forms of yogurt.
I do coconut yogurt. There are other forms as well.
When I NEED something sweet, rather than cheat-big, I do raspberry coconut yogurt or blueberry,ect. It has some form or org sweetener, but its not much and I personally believe my brain needs it. Others would say dont eat this. Im not saying its ok for everybody, but just that it works for me.

Im not sure who said avocados are bad? As far as I know, they are on raster’s safe food list, which makes them safer than usual,lolz, so I would take every comfort food you can get,sister!

Since your bloating, your not digesting proper. This was happening to me after I introduced antifungals, and NEVER happened to me a day before! Once I hit this hard with antifungals, I was bloated and hating it. Its only now just starting to go away.
I do many small meals, never in large amounts, and if I feel like my digestion is getting screwy, I do a liquid meal until my hotwater and lemon in the morning. I dont feel deprived because I get my sugars and fats in the foods that I add in, in moderation, like the yogurt.

I think its safe to say that this means I will not recover as fast as everyone else who can be super strict… but it is a matter of time. And because im not super strict, I can go a bit longer anyway like this than i would be if I tried to do it like everyone else.

My first 3-4 strict days, I snapped.
Simply said fuck this, I want coffee with sugar,chocolate, and while your at it, im having a vegan flatbread pizza for dinner. I was starving, chemically off balance, and didnt care if i died.

Next day I cried like a baby and never did it again,hahahaha.

Lets work on finding a diet protocol that works well for you personally and go from there?