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Able900 wrote: For you, my good friends, who have been scared into believing that you will never be able to cure your Candida infestation until you can afford to have every mercury filling in your mouth replaced or until you go through chelation therapy, this is something I cannot sit quietly and watch any longer.

Most of the mercury that may find its way into our body from our environment is absorbed by pectin, phytic acid, and algins which we obtain from our diet. If this was not fact, we would no doubt all be poisoned by toxins by this time, not just from mercury, but from the many environmental toxins which surround us every day. Can you imagine the accumulation of toxins during just a twenty-year period if not for the ability of our bodies to use the nutrients it’s given to remove these toxins? I’ve said it before, the body is smarter than we are, it’s a natural healing machine if we just provide it with the right tools.

Chelation removes minerals from the body as well as metals. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), hypocalcemia which is the lack of calcium in the blood stream, brought on by chelation therapy, has been blamed for deaths in Pennsylvania, Texas and Oregon.

An Amalgam consists of the following:

50% Mercury
35% Silver
14% Tin
0.1% Zink
0.3% Copper

Mercury is a solid substance, not a gas, if the mercury actually leaches from a filling, after a 10-year period the filling would logically be ½ its original size.

Quote: “Dentists who purport to treat health problems by ripping out fillings are putting their own economic interests ahead of their patients’ welfare. The false diagnosis of mercury-amalgam toxicity has such harmful potential and shows such poor judgment on the part of the practitioner that CU believes dentists who engage in this practice should have their license revoked.”
~Consumer Reports Health Schemes, Scams, and Frauds. Mount Vernon, N.Y.: Consumer Reports Books, 1990.

Quote: “Mercury is a component of the amalgam used for ‘silver’ fillings which also contain silver, tin, copper, and zinc. When mixed, these elements bond to form a strong, stable substance that does not contain metallic mercury. Very sensitive instruments can detect billionths of a gram of mercury vapor in a person’s mouth with amalgam fillings. However, there is no evidence that this vapor is absorbed into the body or causes any adverse health effect.”
~ACSH – The American Council On Science and Health

Be careful what you read and place your trust in, my friends, the mind is an amazing creator.


There is one part true and other no true in that statement. In the same way, I personally believe Liver Flushes are scams, and mainstream medicine don’t believe in an Intestinal Fungal Overgrowth, and they are totally wrong.
IMO, mercury is really a big problem with amalgams and other sources, and its direct link with candida is undisputed.
Proper chelation technics and chelators are safe. The problem is when people follow wrong technics and use chelators that create secondary problems. It is not something that you learn browsing the web in a few hours, but you need to dig deep and research. I am absolutely convinced my candidiasis is linked to mercury toxicity in spite I have had only 2 amalgams in my life.
What I don’t advice anybody is to buy cilantro and chlorella, and start taking them. Mercury mobilization in the body without using a real chelator is very dangerous. The same can be said about using EDTA, DMPS, DMSA, or ALA incorrectly.
Citing that mercury isn’t dangerous using a mainstream medicine statement is the same that bringing here a medical statement staying CRC doesn’t exist. With mercury toxicity, CRC can not be cured. I am a living proof. !