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raster wrote: If anyone feels that they have mercury toxicity, they should get tested by a naturopathic doctor or regular doctor to determine whether this is true or not.

I personally have fillings on half of my teeth and I don’t have any of the symptoms of mercury toxicity.

Probiotics can help cure mercury toxicity!


After all I have learned and read about mercury, I don’t want amalgams in my mouth !
I had some that were pulled out because I have relapsed two times after thinking I was cured of candidiasis. I am following an intensive chelation protocol guided by Andy Cutler. I am a member of Frequent Doses Chelation group and Adult Chelation Group.
I have seen many people control the candida symptoms such as myself, but one time you open the diet, candida come back gradually. I have read many, many cases, and find those who have followed chelation, the ones that can eat whatever they want, even gluten, without relapsing or having a single symptom. Get the book ” Getting the Mercury Out” and ” Amalgam Illness “, you will see how candida is implicated, and never disappeared until mercury was removed.
Chelation is a serious business, and have to be done properly. I researched a lot before to decide my path. Some of the myths are cilantro and chlorella and technics that aggravate the problem. My best schools were the Andy’s book and the Autistic support group. There isn’t better source of information in the web than that coming from autistic children parents who have done everything to save their children. I respectfully advice you to consider it since you have a candida case. The immune system is the MOST important part to eliminate candida, and mercury is consider the ” God of a Th2 immune response “. This is what you must avoid at any cost during a candida infestation. Just my opinion.

Did you read this case ??