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Other teas:

* Yarrow tea (good for detoxification, against die-off)
* Citronella (lemon grass)
* Lemon balm (against stress, calming effect)
* Dandelion (detoxification of the liver, bile production, kidney function)
* Woodruff
* Lime blossom (diaphoretic = makes you sweat)
* Rasperry leaves
* Cornflower
* Cardamom
* Sage
* Echinacea (for the immune system)
* Mallow flower (cough, inflammation of mucosa)
* Verbena (digestion)
* Fennel (helps digestion, against bloating)
* Gentian (bitter herb, like Swedish bitters)
* Lady’s mantle (menstruation problems, giving birth)
* Ginseng (for immune function, against fatigue, concentration problems)
* Valerian (problems with falling asleep)

and many more, which I don’t remember right now… Luckily, I live in the land of alps and herbs, so tea is very easy to access here and everyone drinks it. Usually I drink mixtures of those tea’s (for example a mixture of different herbs that help with sleep or with digestion), but sometimes I also drink them separately.