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goingnatural;44931 wrote: I really should get a hepatitis vaccine, but I’m concerned that I’ll have a immune response from the Yeast that is in the formulation. (I am very allergic to yeast).

First, ask your doctor whether the “yeast” that’s in the vaccine is comparable to the ordinary yeast to which you are so allergic. The vaccine may contain only one of the compounds of yeast, and you may well be not allergic to that.

Compare it to fruit. There are people who are allergic to apples. Apples do contain vitamin C, and even if you take vitamin C that was extracted from apples, your apple allergy does not mean that you’ll have an allergic reaction to the vitamin C.

Similarly, if only one chemical has been extracted from live yeast, your allergy to live yeast does not mean that you’ll have an allergic reaction to this one compound.

In short: ask your doctor.

If you’re still uncertain, there are special versions of most vaccines that contain fewer additives than the normal versions. Those special versions may be more expensive though. Again: ask your doctor.

I take it that you somehow need the protection against hepatitis, either for travel or because of your work. In that case, it is very important that you do get your vaccine. Hepatitis is nothing to play with, and it really really is no fun to have it. Even if the vaccine would make you sick for a week or so (which is improbable, but I’ll mention an overly worst-case scenario here), that is still to be preferred to acquiring the disease.