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I just read a lot of your posts from the past, Kj, and I did see several questions that were not answered.

But the first post I saw that received no reply was titled “Frustrated” in which you asked no questions, but admitted that you were only “ranting” so possibly the members simply left you alone because they’re aware that everyone has to rant at one point or another with a Candida infestation.

In another member’s thread you asked the following question but did not receive an answer:

“I am believing more and more is just better to watch your carb intake, use some coconut flour in recipes, eat more veggies, etc. is the best strategy. However, what other kind of flours could I use?”

I take it that you have the strict diet which I would have supplied to you if you’ve requested it, and if you do, then you have a list of the ‘flours’ that are allowed on that diet. If a specific product is not listed in that group, then I would not be able to recommend it because I experienced with practically all known ‘flours’ available in the US during my own treatment. This is in fact how the diet came to be designed. Other members have used other flours with different levels of success, Raster for example has used teff flour with no problems as far as he’s aware of.

In another member’s thread on mercury removal and detoxing you asked the following question and it was not answered by anyone contributing to the thread including Dvjorge who is the local expert on the subject of mercury:

“Do you think maybe my history of having braces (2.5 years), retainer (another 2 years), and still wear a wire on my bottom front teeth (permanent) could pose a problem?”

I image the reason you received no replies to this question was because no one on the forum has that information. We can’t answer questions on which we have on experience or knowledge, so you’ll probably have to ask a professional about this potential problem.
I also found this question which you asked in March concerning acacia fiber.

No one answered my question yesterday. I was just wondering if anybody has taken acacia fiber before and your experiences with it???

Danny33 answered your question the same day it was posted, but you didn’t reply to him with a “thanks” so maybe you’ve not checked back to see if anyone replied.

Then I found these questions about kefir which were not answered.

I know I really need to start making my own kefir to get better as well, since like I said, my symptoms probably still can come and go. where to buy a good kefir starting kit? Can I make it without milk?

You can purchase starter kits at the Body Ecology website, and yes, you can make kefir without cow’s milk.

You have a lot of posts, and I only had time to read the first five pages, so if you have other questions that have not been answered, please post them in this thread and I’ll try to answer them.