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Thomas wrote:

It will be a moment where all us will be recovering the immunity. It may take 3 months for you and 2 years for me. We need to wait for our moment. I am sure we get it at the end with discipline and perseverance.

Jorge, do you know something about the functioning of the immune-system and the mind?

I didnt improve with the diet but felt worse as time went on. Until I gave up to find out if I really have candida, IBS, food intolerances or whatever. For over a year I suffered every day progressing to a point where I believed I could not stand it any-more. Now, after over a year total trying different diets from the meat and fat diet at BeeĀ“s anticandia webpage to the one here in the forum, I am sympthome free for about 10 days now. I eat everything, had couple of beers now, french fries, hamburger. I tested fruits, even ate Nutella a german chocolate spread.

What did I do and what do I do differently? I discovered EFT on my search and do it now and its amazingly working. I wonder if the mind is activating the immune-system and things are balancing itself out. I have no sympthoms now and in the morning I got a little rectal itching, and stress feeling in the stomach with brainfog. I started directly the EFT tapping and it vanished in about 10 minutes, everything. The day is nearly gone and I am still free.

I wonder if you have read something about the functioning of the mind and Candida?


I believe in the power of mind and we should keep positive any time. In your case, I really don’t know what is happening. I am glad you found something that work.
I don’t think most of us have anything in our minds. This is a real disease, a real infection that can not be cured with the power of mind.
My advice is to be optimist and patient. !