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thanks for your advice. i have not been able to find molybdenumm in edmonton, alberta Canada at any of the health stores. do you know of somewhere where i can order it online? candidate as well? i need all of the help i can get. also wondering if you have heard of ALAmax and UTI cleanse (cranberry Juice poweder with D-Mannose)? my naturapoath prescribed it. also just wondering if it is really possible to beat this candida, i was only taking the ADP oil of oregano (4 pills daily) plus 100 mg of diflucan for a week and a half and the kidney pain and urinary symptoms plus fatigue was so bad that i had to stop. even after stopping i am still experiencing lower back pain and i am really worried that i damaged my kidneys. it is pretty sad that this treatment plan involves making yourself sickier before you feel well. i actually feel worse right now than before i even started the treatment and i am scared to death right now. not to mention how expensive all of these treatments and diet is….i cant keep up with it. does anybody know if there is any financial support available for someone with these condidtions? thanks again