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I’m NO EXPERT, only another sufferer however, most of your symptoms, from cognitive function, anxiety, heart palpitations, woozy feeling upon standing, histamine reactions, etc all seem to be related to adrenal fatigue or potentially hypothyroidism. It’s a complicated chain reaction within the endocrine system where chronic immune responses wear these systems down. Your low body temps are the red flag since they regulate body temp. among so many other body systems including blood/pressure/flow/etc..

Ashwaganda is helpful, as well as Holy Basil Leaf, licorice root, etc…also, stress reduction (I know, seemingly impossible as I haven’t found the answer to this yet myself). I would assume you suffer from insomnia or sleep issues as well. I do and have been trying to get more sleep than I thought healthy (perhaps it’s not) by using L-tryptophan, 5HTP, valerian root and melatonin. There is debate if this is healthy, as it can disrupt serotonin levels and it’s antagonist dopamine since they increase serotonin. Despite Big Pharma’s push of SSRI’s which apparently rise serotonin, this can lead to depression; not cure it. I haven’t been on SSRI’s so I don’t know from first hand experience but, sleep/rest are major healers to adrenal/thyroid issues – they are slow healers from what I’m reading.

Once things start getting out of balance within the body, it does all it can do to try to compensate. There is no reason to think one can’t have both SIBO as well as candida but, are they the cause of all the distress? I was once dx’s with SIBO and felt better while being treated with an elemental diet but, once back to regular foods the same old symptoms appeared again.

Could it have been a compromised adrenal/thyroid problem from leaky gut. Lot’s of tail chasing which I don’t have the answers for but, the more I seek my own path forward the more I suspect the endocrine system is a major contributor of this suffering. Of course, it’s not the ONLY cause, as liver function, bile, anemia etc can all be intertwined in this syndrome. I understand Raster’s push of healers in attempting to balance body systems over dr’s focus on single systems but, if one can’t afford them what’s left to try?

Anyway, know you aren’t alone in trying to unravel and heal from such a complicated enigma. I’ve suffered many of the symptoms you describe for decades and things got worse when attempting candida treatment: perhaps my body just couldn’t tolerate the additional stress treatment causes just yet. For me, putting focus on the endocrine system seems to be a primary concern over candida: as much as we all want to rid ourselves of literally rotting away from within, we don’t stand a chance to defeat this without the endocrine/immune system supporting our efforts.

Blessings and please take what you will and leave the rest.