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TP wrote: Thanks raster,

I ordered the ashwagandha from Amazon, and it arrived the other day. It’s in the chamber, but I have not yet taken it, as I am so darn hyper-reactive to everything anymore. I may get brave and give it a shot tomorrow.

I’m just hoping I didn’t cause any permanent brain damage going thru this whole affair. I know right now, and for the last few months, I have definitely lost some cognitive function. I can tell because when I sit behind the computer and try to write—nothing. Was just starting to make inroads in the industry too. First novel is ripping it up, and there’s pressure for a follow up. Oh well, might just be a one hit wonder.

Thanks again to you and all the other phenomenal folks here; your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Hi mate,
most important is to take it slowly and keeping balanced. While fighting candida and bacterial overgrowth the bacteria and fungus are dying fast while your body cant handle the toxin realise fast enough. The result of that overload of toxins will make you drunk. (Brainfog) There is the possibility of a vicous circle and that is that your body is malfunctioning because of the candida overgrowth. If candida is so much covering the intestines, you, I believe, will have problems absorbing nutritions, your cells will starve even the cells off your immune system, which allows bacteria and fungus to thrive and to grow even more in the ileum and to spread into the small intestines. The high level of lactic acid will irritate the intestines and they have to produce muccus to protect itself, that in its turn hinders the absorbation of carbohydrates, the none diggested carbohydrates are not only passed out but funktioning as food for the fungus and the bacteria then they even grow stronger. They grow and they will be more and more hungry while you are starving. You get thinner and they are multiplying, while producing gas and endotoxins. The only chance is to starve them down and get your intestines healed so they dont need to produce as much muccus, get you out of malnutrition, so you immunesystem can kick in and kill bacteria. You will have to eat food which is fast digested from your system without standing long in the intestines.
You heal your guts and you will win and break the viccious circle. Once your are back in balance your body can do the rest and protect you again.

If brainfogged I would not take antifungals….do everything slow and dont weaken yourself. Kill them slowly not fast.