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Chris24 wrote: You really do not need to spend so much money on supplements. Most of them will do nothing against candida.

Most of the supplements I was already taking prior to the Candida – advised for other health issues (hypothyroid, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, osteopenia, etc.). So I’ve just recently added several more new supplements (antifungals, probiotics, molybdenum, candidate, etc.) that I’m hoping will assist with the Candida issue.

And it certainly does get expensive. I wish it were easier to know which ones were doing some good and which ones were just a waste of money. But unfortunately it’s often impossible to tell since I feel no different when I take them or not. However my doctor has advised me that they’re of benefit for my conditions, so I keep taking them. And, since I don’t buy them directly from the doctor, he’s not profiting by the purchase.

I realize that I take a lot of “stuff”, but my doctor claims that since most are water soluble, I’ll normally excrete whatever my body doesn’t utilize. My mother was concerned about how many different things I take, so she asked her family doctor and he said that patients with certain medical conditions will continue to look for anything that might hopefully help them to improve. So I guess I have very expensive urine.