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Make sure you put some form of protein in your lunch so cold chicken legs, tinned fish or eggs in a salad. Also take a snack for later on such as sardine pate (recipe found on the main website under recipe ideas in the snack section), chicken goujons (I have put this recipe on the recipe part of the forum under dinner ideas), chicken burgers are some of the things that I make. They can be made in bulk and frozen at the beginning of the week, just get them out the night before you go to work and they will be ready to eat the next day.

Other snacks such as: buckwheat crisp breads (I’ve put the recipe for this under the name chapatis as you can use the same cooking method for making both chapatis and the crisp beads), probiotic yoghurt, grapefruit (this is a test food). Kefir.

There are some really good recipes on the recipe part of the forum, so have a look there to see what suits you.