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The reason you want to binge on sugar is because the candida wants it, not you! It takes control of your cravings because you are killing it…all it wants is a tasty meal!

If you want to feel better, taking supplements can really help (such as basic vitamins). Cod liver oil is one of them as well, this can really help treat seasonal depression.

Another way to get energy is to take short walks of 15-45 minutes. This can also help you sleep better. Taking a warm shower before bed helps as well.

If you really want to detox from candida fast, go to a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, or even a hot bath to sweat out the toxins from the skin, your bodies largest organ.

I wish you luck, and if you want to feel better again…you simply gotta do the diet. Otherwise, you will go in your current cycle over and over getting nowhere.