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Hi – I will just share with you that I have been quite the little whiner on this diet – you will see lots of my posts that ask cant i eat this cant i eat that????? hahaha I think what you have to try to do is see the glass half full instead of half empty – you know. I seem to be better when I focus on what I CAN eat. i recently bought some Braggs apple cider vinegar dressing and I cant tell you how happy i was to have it. I also just bought wild caught salmon in a can at whole foods and add that to a whole bunch of green veges. I think it helps to go stock up on all the food you can eat – then when you are hungry, there is something available. Its funny how eating a whole cucumber can satisfy me now hahaha. I have to admit however I have allowed one cheat which is a small cup of coffee with almond milk in morning after my lemon water – this is bad i know but it has kept me sane – good luck – If I can do this, you really can!!!