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I’m doing the salt-baths every day. And tomorrow (it’s 12:30 am here right now) I’ll get the substitute for calamine lotion. Hopefully that will help. So thank you for the advice Able!

And MagnuM, yes it was your post! Thank you. Well, I actually only took the bentonine and p-husk the first day (and one time the second day), and then I started doing the lemon water instead. So I don’t think it’s that. About the rest of my diet, I was actually a healthy eater before this diet as well. My body is very used to eating lots of vegetables as I’m doing now. The only exemption would maybe be the amount of eggs. Since this has been my only source of protein so far, I’ve had quite a lot of them. I do believe that the molybdenum would have helped, and hopefully the customs will forward it soon..