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I recommend an anti-inflammatory diet and/or one that involves taking fatty acids (also known as biofilm protocol) that will slowly erode the candida down. I also recommend getting strict with the diet and reduce starchy items like rice and reduce red meat consumption. Certain food items might be problematic for you such as eggs and you might not know it, so I recommend testing each food you are eating in your diet for a week to see whether its a problem for you or not.

Caprylic acid will only be effective for 6 weeks, so I recommend rotating to another antifungal at that point. I would try SF722 as a potential replacement. Also for probiotics, the best one I tried was HMF neuro which is the only human derived probiotic on the market. I rotate HMF neuro with other high count high strain probiotics.

You also don’t have a detox plan it seems and if you don’t, then the yeast toxins will remain in the body causing problems. I recommend taking liver cleansing herbs that will aid in your detox.–will-edit-more-in-time.aspx–Possible-protocol-for-a-faster-recovery.aspx?=