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Maine;46473 wrote: Thanks everyone for your feedback!

So I’ve been following the detox for a week now (including coconut oil since that was already part of my diet before). I’m just wondering how fast you’re supposed to see results? I’ve been fine for the whole week but now I’m seeing the usual yeast infection symptoms again. Maybe I’m a bit too impatiient with this but as you can imagine it’s super frustrating and discouraging to keep going with the diet..

Has anyone heard of the three day coconut oil detox or tried it? Any thoughts on it?

If there is any one thing you should learn about a Candida treatment, it’s the importance of taking it slow which means you’re going to need as much patience as you can manage. If you disregard the warnings about going too fast with a treatment, you could easily poison your body with the die-off toxins, this includes damaging your liver.

I’ve never heard of a three day coconut oil cleanse, but if it’s anything like it sounds, I would definitely advise against it at this point in your treatment.

The return of symptoms such as a yeast infection during a cleanse or the protocol are often caused by the toxins leaving your body.