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I totally feel your pain!! When I started the diet, I had the same problem. I was already thin, and I lost a lot of weight in the first couple of weeks. I also had some major bloating as I went through detoxing/die-off.

However, I knew that it was all just my body going through changes, and that if I remained strict on the diet, and followed the protocol as it’s laid out on here, everything would even itself out. I can’t tell how happy I am that I stuck with it! I am not fully recovered, but I’m just over six months on the diet and have been able to do things I never would have dreamed of with how sick I was even just a few months ago. Focus on health and recovery, don’t worry about your weight. You’ll gain it back in time.

(For reference, I went from 125 or so, down to 115ish, and now I’m back up to somewhere in the light 120s…haven’t weighed myself in awhile…I feel too healthy to care about my weight! But what I do know is my bones aren’t sticking out all gross like they were a few months back and I just feel good and energetic and, well, honestly…kinda sexy 😉 I have also been regularly doing yoga, which has definitely contributed to that!)