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Hello, Alex.

Please tell me what i need to eliminate so i can have a better treatment and what i need to add to my diet!
for my food i eat Greek yogurt, brown rice

I know that brown rice is on most Candida diets, but since it’s a starch, it’s also food for the Candida.

chicken, beef, some fish, eggs, avocados, spinach,

If you leave the beef out of your diet, you’ll cure the infestation faster – unless you continually cheat on the diet.

flaxseeds, and some almonds.

Seeds and nuts produce mucus, just in case you already have this problem which is normal with a Candida infestation.

Also if i have a leaky gut will vitamin c and molybdenum and the probiotics heal me or they will just pass through my system without doing nothing?

You need to take the supplements whether you have leaky gut or not.

Let us know if you have questions.