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Forrest808;34929 wrote: yeah it does suck having green smoothies without any fruits but youll get used to it , i have a bunch of good ones if your interested . and another good snack you can eat is sliced egg plant fried in butter with cinnamon on top 🙂 its really good tasting ! and try bringing boiled eggs with you or make deviled eggs. Avos are great for on the go too , also some health food stores have a bread/cracker made from nothing but seeds , that with sunflower seed butter is great , also celery and sunflower seed butter is good

just know this diet works wonders when done properly , dont give up !

Hey – sorry to interject, but many folks find that seeds are harmful on the diet and make their symptoms worse or hinder their healing. They are not on the strict diet. Butter isn’t either, but coconut oil is good for frying 🙂