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If you are truly hungry, eat more, especially veggies. Several of us have mentioned “constant hunger”, but it’s not a true hungry like we need to eat more, at least for me. It’s just a sucky feeling of thinking I want to eat more.

Eat raw veggies, saute them lightly in oil, bake them with seasoning, etc. You can mix up veggies to make them different every time. Also, I’ll literally eat a spoonful of Chia seeds and chew them 50 times to really break them down. They are great, filling fiber. Hemp seeds are awesome for that as well.

I also juice (love it!) and make crackers out of the pulp. Sometimes I add some freshly ground Chia seeds for a bit more filler. I spice them up to make them super tasty. One of my favorite filling snacks of all times! Not to mention the juice is super healthy for you (I do only veggies, no fruit). I use a little ginger, mint, cilantro, basil, etc for some flavor and add a little fresh squeezed lemon juice as well.

Eat avocados too. They are filling as well. I’ll also eat coconut oil and coconut butter by the spoonful when my tummy is feeling like it has that gnawing feeling. Celery dipped in coconut oil is delish and it’s much healthier than the molds in peanut butter.

With all that, you should be feeling good and satisfied. Hope that helps!