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Quote: I’ve been eating the vegetables, eggs, chicken, coconut oil, olive oil, I had lost 4 pounds and I really feel sick, last night I through up, I feel weak and pain all over, any suggestion? I dont think I can go on 2 more weeks.
I did 5 days psyllum/bentonite and 2 days the lemon thing

Reply: Unfortunately, that was probably your first mistake, you should never have used the psyllium. Please read the following posts if you’ve not already.

The Site’s Suggestions:

A Proper and Safe Cleanse:

Quote: I havent found the molybdenum here yet, I am with Milk Tistle and sweedesh bitters.

Reply: How are you taking the bitters?

Quote: I absloutly think I need calories, just from coconut bread? something else

Reply: You’re probably right, more calories are normally the answer to losing too much weight. You can add more of the coconut bread, eat avocados once or twice a day, and eat plenty of Organic Unsweetened Greek Yogurt. Oikos and Fage are two excellent brands. You could also add another teaspoon or two of the coconut oil as it’s a good source of extra calories.