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yeastygut;37210 wrote: Hey LilyJ, I can relate to having zero confidence because of candida. I started the diet last May and at first things were pretty bad with anxiety, panic attacks, depression, loneliness… along with asthma attacks and general sluggishness. I too was taking steroids for my asthma (Advair), and after some research found out that Advair can really contribute to candida problems. Anyways, I now notice a huge difference in my self confidence and my ability to speak with other people, whether they are close family, distant family, friends, and even strangers. I’m not sure how long it took me to get to this point, but I’m here, and it has made me realize that my social-awkwardness really was a result of my unhealthy gut. Even now when I cheat on the diet I notice my people skills diminishing and instead of going out and conversing with other people I just want to go read a book alone at home in bed (but then I can’t even focus enough to read..). So don’t give up until you’ve at least had a taste for what it feels like to be happy in your skin.

As for your diet… you need to eat more, sister! eggs are allowed even during the cleanse. Make sure you don’t starve yourself! Also it might be helpful not to be too strict with your diet during the beginning stages. Most of us cheat here and there, so if you “mess up” don’t worry too much about it. I remember feeling like I had lost everything I had gained when I ate things that were not on the “allowed” list. These days I take it easy on myself, and allow some small cheats here and there. Hope this helps.

I was taking Advair, too! If only I knew Advair was going to make me so sick, I’d have never taken it, but what can we do if our doctors prescribe it. :/
I feel the same though, I never leave my house, and even when people ask me out and I want to go out, I don’t, because I’m just too embarrassed to even open my mouth while talking. I’m glad that your life-style and confidence changed over the past months. Are you candida-free now? I can’t even study, work, read, or watch movies anymore. I can’t focus on any of it, and when I manage to sleep for an hour or two, I then wake up with bad pains and just feel like crying for no reason. It’s like I never want the morning to come, but I’m willing to sacrifice whatever to feel happy in my skin again and go out and live life.

I’m trying not to starve myself, trying a few boiled eggs a day now, hopefully that’ll help. I tried some plain yogurt few days ago but it was making my tongue whiter so I stopped. I actually bought the wrong stevia sugar the other day, the one I bought had “dextrose” in it, which is sugar, of course, but I didn’t notice till the next day when I read it. I cried after that, cause I felt like I had to start all over again. I’ll try not to worry as much, but I just can’t wait for all of this to go away. Wish I could buy a new tongue.