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raster;37209 wrote: Hello lily,

I would maybe take things one step at a time. For instance, week one quit coffee, week two quit smoking, and week three quit the bad foods, etc. You need to pace yourself because this is a marathon and not a sprint.

Plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get over candida overgrowth. Doing things too much or quickly can make you feel bad and its best not to stress the body by doin too much at once.

The tongue will still colored in 6 months, but not as bad. Its not going to go away overnight.

One thing I would consider trying is oil pulling which will pull out the candida from your mouth.

I’d consider trying out an herb called ashwagandha which can help with anxiety, depression, etc.

We developed a general plan to get better if you are interested:

Molybdenum can be used to help prevent die-off. There’s a lot of stuff you can take for sleep as well (mentioned on the forum).


Hey Raster,
Thanks for the response, the advice, and this website. It’s a relief being able to talk to experts and others who know the feeling of suffering from this illness, as I can’t really talk to anyone in my friends circle about it.

You are probably right about quitting one thing at a time. Yesterday I was shaking in class when about three people entered the room with fresh coffee in their hands. I lost all my focus again and then I got up and went home immediately. It’s not easy. I cheated yesterday and smoked half a cigarette. I’m hoping that eventually, if I smoke half a cigarette, or one, I will stop wanting to smoke it. I just suck when it comes to patience, though I realize its much needed for this treatment. The main thing that’s driving me crazy is me checking my tongue in the mirror every 5 minutes. If I’m in bed and can’t get up, then I take pictures of my tongue with my cell phone to check the color etc. Today it seems worse than yesterday. But as you said, it probably takes months for the normal healthy color to return.

I have never tried oil pulling, but did after you told me to in your post. However, I think I may have done it wrong. I went to the supermarket and bought a bottle of “Organic Coconut Oil.”
When I got home, I tried it…it tastes like melted snow- beh, I was hoping it’d taste a bit like coconut. Oh well. Anyway, I read everywhere online that it has to be “virgin”? Which means, it probably won’t have an effect then? I couldn’t find any virgin ones at the market, but I’m just very disappointed now that the one I bought won’t work.

Also, as far as the cleanse… I’ve been drinking herbal chamomile tea with lemon- is this fine?
What about boiled eggs? And I read somewhere that for the cleanse you’re only allowed to drink those veggies in juice-form, but i’ve been eating them like salads with lemon and sea salt- I guess I’m doing this wrong, too? 🙁

I’ll try out the herb for sleeping and read the blog you posted too- very helpful, thanks! I’m still not sleeping well and my lower back is killing me. This morning I was in bed when a sudden sharp pang hit me in my lower stomach, I think it might have been my kidney- ouch.

Thanks again, and sorry for making my posts so awfully long, i’m desperate.