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Thanks for detailed response The Chosen One. Much appreciated.
Amazing we are both at 9 weeks!

To clear up what I’ve been eating – no fruit whatsoever, on Able’s strict diet religiously until 2 weeks ago when a cherry tomato slipped in once, and some brown rice twice, I tried home made yoghurt – 2 tiny bits on two occasions, as lactose doesn’t really agree with me. Fish once a fortnight and chicken once a week only in last 2 weeks. This is all on Able’s Protocol. I looked up Mung Beans and they have no starch.

I’ve been living on Able’s green vegetables list plus plenty of Rhutabago, brussels etc… eggs and avocado.

You are correct – I should not have eaten brown rice but I was so weak. Able will tell me off if he finds out!

I am so so thin and weak and all my friends are worried about me. I get thin when I run Marathons but never this dizzy, weak and skinny. I’ve lost 7 and a half kilos and my stomach gnaws away all day wanting food. I’ve always needed carbs to feel satisfied. Protein and vegetables leave me still hungry.

My probiotics are Mega Flora 50 Bill. 14 Strains. Twice a day, morning and night.

I have always craved salt and always have tons, I keep adding more on my food. I use Vogel Herb salt on meals and Sea salt in cooking.

Had an awful experience today: I had my lemon water, with oregano oil – 4 drops, and 3 big tsps of coconut oil and a Mega Flora first thing before eating anything. 1 hour later when I was just about to leave the house, I had severe stomach cramps and dirrhea same as I mentioned happened once before. This time it was so scary I nearly called an ambulance! I went dizzy, had a rushing weird tone sound with the dizziness all in my head and body, my arms ached, I had a severe pain in the back of my head… I tried to get to the phone and my legs collapsed from under me and I was on the floor. Severe cramps again so I had pull myself back to the toilet. This time I seized up and couldn’t move. Thought I was going to pass out and struggled to make my fingers dial my husband. My voice hardly worked. (He came home from work.)I didn’t think I could wait for him but I lay on the bed sweating and freezing cold and I didn’t get worse. I slowly felt a bit better but I’ve been dizzy all day and can’t walk without wobbling and nearly collapsing.
Now I’m scared to take Oregano Oil. I think like you say it has to be with food maybe so I will try that.

Sleep – Well I was OK before the diet but since the diet my sleep is not so good. I can’t sleep with an empty stomach and always had toast and tea and Magnesium before bed. Now my stomach gnaws and aches and won’t let me relax and sleep. I was taking Adrenotone – Ginseng, Licorice, Withania etc. My naturopath (in 2010)said once that I need it to sleep, as “you have to have energy to sleep” he said I was too exhausted to sleep before without it. (Might not make sense to you but I had it explained scientifically and my sleep has been wonderful for over 2 years) You are not supposed to take ginseng products with vitamin C. So with all the C on this diet I have only one Adrenotone if I remember. Plus I’m doing a few shifts at work now and it’s hard to unwind and sleep on the late finishes. My dizziness does feel like extreme tiredness, but even when I do sleep 8/9 hrs I feel the same. I sleep best from 6 a.m. onward!

Well that’s it for now.
Still hoping Able will answer my question about how to tell if it is die off. I didn’t get flu so I think all the coconut oil, oregano oil etc is producing die-off.

Soldier on I suppose.

Thanks again.