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SueinOz;49086 wrote: [h]shouldn’t I see some indication that things are working? How can I tell?[/h]
I’ve only had vegetables, oatbran, chia seeds … chicken, fish, buckwheat, mung bean “pasta”, and not much dairy – bit of yogurt once or twice. Eggs by the barrel load. Avocados by the bucket full. Have had the odd tomato lately, only this last 2 weeks, a couple of green apples, brown rice twice. [h]What to do??[/h]

Hi SueinOz, I’m on the strict diet for 9 weeks now. I have to say that I feel already much better than before. At first, I didn’t see much difference either, but since a week or two I feel somewhat better. I see that you are eating a lot of things that should not be eaten in week 9. This could be the cause of your problem. Cut all the diary, replace it with kefir (this is a serious help). You should not eat tomatoes at this stage. Also, cut out all the fruit. All your vitamins have to come from vegetables and supplements. Eating brown rice is also not a good idea.

SueinOz;49086 wrote: My coconut oil and avocado diet is quite fatty but some days that’s all I’ve had. Didn’t think I would need enzymes to digest those two. [h]What do you think?[/h]

I’m not quite sure about this. I usually take coconut oil before a meal (so I take enzymes after taking coconut oil). If I take coconut oil after a meal, it can make me very nauseous and I even have to vomit sometimes.

SueinOz;49086 wrote: Oregano oil, lemon water, coconut oil, and Mega Flora first thing makes me feel nauseous and one morning had severe stomach cramps and diarrhea too, next morning had exactly the same things and same breakfast and had no symptoms at all!
Confused again?[h] Any ideas what could be going on?[/h]

As I said previously, try to take oily things before or during a meal. It helps for me.
Ingesting coconut oil makes me retch. So I take it with a lot of water.
Diarrhea can mean that you body is getting rid of toxic waste, but it can also mean that you have eaten something wrong. (This happens to me when I eat buckwheat.) It is possible that this happens 4 days after eating something that your body does not recognize.

SueinOz;49086 wrote: Still confused whether I have die off or just headache from tired, late shift and bad sleep. I really don’t have any die-off flu type symptoms in general. Maybe twice in 8 weeks – since the initial week, which had a bit more flu like stuff.Should I have more die off? I take Silymarin daily which has some Molybdenum with it. Only take the Mb itself if I think I have die off.

How much do you sleep? Sleep is essential for curing candida. I sleep 10-12 hours a day if I can.
Do you take antifungals? If yes, which ones?

SueinOz;49086 wrote: Today I do feel flu like and achy. No headache. I increased my oregano and coconut oil this morning with more at lunch time, as a “die-off experiment”. Had 4 drops Oregano oil, 4 spoons Coconut oil. I’m hoping this is die off! I just took some Mb, and Silymarin with Mb, Globe Artichoke and Boldo. [h]I’m thinking that if the flu feeling goes away I have proved it is die off? Does this sound right?[/h]

As long as you don’t feel much die off, you can increase the oregano dosage. 4 spoons of coconut oil isn’t that much either.
You can also try Brussels sprouts, if you’re not already doing that. This is a great antifungal!

SueinOz;49086 wrote: I’m at a record low weight of 50.5kg/111lbs – I’m 1.7m 5ft7ins. I’m a bit concerned that I am losing so much weight. Even Marathon training has never taken me this low. [h]What can I do to add weight? Be healthy?[/h] Seems like I am starving myself.

Nobody is starving himself here. You should not worry to much about your weight.
When I started this diet, I actually started to gain some weight. Look around you! A lot of people are complaining about the fact that they have hard time losing weight. You don’t need much to gain some weight. As long as you are sick and not processing your food properly, you will have problems gaining weight. This is why following a strict diet is important. It will eventually make you gain weight.
Avocados are a good way to do so. Something else you can do is add extra virgin olive oil to your vegetables (it goes very well with broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower). Other ways are eating oat bran, buckwheat and coconut bread IF you are sure that your body can handle these things at that moment.
Since you have diarrhea I suggest to eliminate these things before eating them again. It is very important to know what you can eat and what not!

SueinOz;49086 wrote: I would really appreciate any help as I still have my original symptoms. Haven’t noticed any changes except better mood and memory. But that could be the fish oil. 1500mg a day. And I’m a bit confused as mentioned above.

My brain fog got much better after taking calcium-magnesium-zinc supplements. I feel like minerals are very important in this matter. I also eat lots of (Himalayan) salt!

Good luck on getting better!