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robin wrote: Hi,

My name is Robin. I am a 25 year old girl from The Netherlands. Since I was 16 I was sick. I was diagnosed with IBS and told it was all in my head. For years I tried everything to get rid of it. From drugs to really weird stuff like rocking my bowels like a baby in my mind. I tried everything to get better. I had people talking to my bowels under hypnosis while pretending I was a bowel. Weird stuff. I didn’t care just wanted to get better. I moved to Barcelona, Spain for school (because of my health I had dropped out of so many universities and wanted to make a clean start). The school I was going to was really tough work. No social life whatsoever. Just studying. Because they said it was all in my head and therapy didnt work, I tried for years, I hired a personal trainer to get me fit. I decided it was all in my head and I should just get over myself. My trainer really pushed me. After a work out I would be sick. I would have a high fever, muscle ache like you never had one before, and throwing up all the time. Then I saw a doctor who diagnosed me with ME and fybromialgia. He said I had a long way to go, but I was so thrilled I finally got a diagnoses. After I gave into being sick, not pushing myself anymore, but taking some time off, I noticed that I was always having a fever. I saw this alternative doctor and she diagnosed me with all sorts of deficiencies and a really high count of Candida overgrowth. I moved back to the Netherlands and saw some doctors specialised in ME and fybromialgia, and they all gave me the same diagnoses but nothing they could do about it.

I spent a couple of months on the couch and in bed. Then I read some stuff online like ‘the yeast connection’ and ‘tired so tired’ and I tried the diet. I got better after a couple of months. And I got of the diet. Now I am as sick as I was before. Walking is really hard, everything hurts and I am in bed all day. I thought getting better always ment that I would be better after a while. But when I eat carbs the trouble start again, not immediately, but it builts up. So now I have to start again. If I do a really severe detox I always get really sick, I tried for the past couple of days, but I have been crying in my bed with pain, so I am gonna take it easy on myself.

I am looking forward to get better, and maybe, since I got of the diet too soon I will feel like a normal person one day, No idea how awesome that must be.

Good luck to everybody.

I know it’s hard but I also know it works.

And, another great thing, on my long search for cures I found out so much stuff about healthy food, and the candida diet isnt just for people who suffer from candida, it’s really healthy for everybody.

Hi Robin,
One of the most difficult part with this infection is to know the right time to release the diet. It is very difficult to know when there aren’t more fungal candida colonies in the gut able to regrowth and when to know that the immune system and the competitive flora be able to hold candida in its unicellular form.
Both books you read are very informative, but my experience says me that Dr. Crook didn’t have a well elaborated diet, still allowing food that feed the fungus.
Another thing is to reverse the immune tolerance it is necessary enough time to allow the immune system re-activates against yeast again. It took time to the overgrowth to suppress the immune system. Then, it will take time to recover it again.

I advice you to keep away of those books diet, instead to follow a more restrictive diet such as this one in this forum.

When you be asymptomatic again, I wish it be soon, don’t return to food that feed the fungus for long time. I also think you should continue the antifungals for long enough after the symptoms have disappeared.
I have relapsed two times after being asymptomatic for 2 or 3 months because I discontinued the diet. Now, I am working in more areas such as detoxification, chelation, and flora recovering with fecal transplants to see if some day I can release the diet and don’t experiment any relapse. The good thing is this time I am not hurried so I don’t care if this will take 2 or 3 years.