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sammcl wrote: Hi Thomas

I was treated with a medication named Budenside. It’s a steroid drug aimed at the small intestine only.

There not sure why I ended up with inflammation, I was really ill with the flu about 3 years ago. I was the never the same since then, well until now.

The reason I progressed it a little more by going to the hospital was due to the fact I got severely bloated if it ate anything, even on the recommended diet. Which obviously shouldn’t be the case.

I am so happy for you mate!!Here in Sweden on cant go directly to Hospital, its a long dance from meeting with the undernurse, to the nurse, to the first MD, and then when he thinks he cant fix you, with lots of luck you get one step up to the hospital. It took me nearly 2 years before I got an endoskopi done.

Its good that you gave a warning here. I have come in my resurge to a condition which is called Mastocytosis. The sympthoms are 100 percent like that of candida. The sickness is worse than candida. It explains the wirred behaviour of a lot sympthoms I had and the confusion around die-off etc. If one has Mastocytosis and experiement around with triggers it can go very badly.
Now today I will have a check up with my MD again and see if they do a check for that sickness so I am sure to have or not to have it.

PS What is the brandname of your medicin? Is the working chemical substance called Budesonide? When I googled the name you gave me I didnt find it but got Budesonide as the working substance not the Brand of medics. Thanks.

I try to learn so I can press the doctors here.

all the best to you all!