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Nutritionists don’t have a great deal of knowledge in terms of physiology and such. They just seem to be taught the official dietary guidelines of their respective country, but they may use their license to practise nutrition to “prescribe” their own ideas on eating, e.g. low-carb. They really aren’t qualified to diagnose candida or any real health problem. They’re probably the last place I’d go for nutritional advice too… Naturopaths in the US seem to be in the same kind of league, which is why they’re happy to give out fad diagnoses without much/any evidence. Some of the questionnaires that “diagnose” candida have such generalised questions it’s almost impossible not to end up “having” it. Good for the balance sheet though, I guess.

It makes it all the harder for us though. People go to these alternative practitioners because MDs are brushing them off. I’ve read blogs by “sceptical” MDs who write about alternative healthcare and basically waste their time “debunking” it. Pointing out the dangers and fallacies of alternative treatments might save some people from being duped, but maybe they should be “sceptical” about the harmful, often unscientific shortcomings in mainstream medicine. Nobody would be interested in chiropractic or homoeopathy if MDs were doing their job properly. The entire alternative medicine industry would collapse overnight if patients with chronic conditions were given proper treatment.

Anyway, I’m glad you got a diagnosis and hopefully it leads to a cure. I wouldn’t stop researching and questioning everything until you get better though. Good luck!