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Javizy, though I agree with your position in a broad sense, I think there’s one additional aspect which you didn’t mention. That’s the aspect of patients having problems for which no cause can be found.

Don’t forget that medicine doesn’t have perfect knowledge. Therefore, it will happen that someone has serious complaints, yet no medical professional is able to find the cause.

The doctors will eventually inform the patient of this unfortunate fact.

Now put yourself into that patient’s position. You have complaints, and the doctors tell you that they do not know the cause. But then you stumble upon someone who “measures the energy of your organs”. He tells you that your liver energy is at 30 (where it should be 100) and your kidneys are at 68. He then prescribes you some additives and some rules for your daily life to help your organs “re-energise”.

Within minutes, you, the patient, go from “sorry, we cannot find anything” to “I have measured your body, I found the cause, and this is the remedy”.

Now that’s what the patient calls progress!

So I think it’s not simply a matter of doctors having to do their job properly. There will always be the lure of quacks.

And I didn’t even mention those cases were the symptoms seem malfunctions of the body, but are in reality caused by psychological effects – I once was such a patient.

I thought I should add the above to your fine analysis. I hope you don’t mind.