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sammcl wrote: Hi everyone,

Hopefully you’ll remember me before I disappeared.

I wanted to share my story with you in an effort and reminder to explore every possible avenue.

So I had all the symptoms of Candida. Extreme fatigue, brain fog, bloating, just to name a few. Now I had explored every single medical avenue and was eventually told in mid 2011 that there was nothing wrong with me, everything was fine medically. So I decided to see a nutritionist as it must of been something to do with food right?

Well, turns out that nutritionist ripped me off, just said I had candida to take my money. I had them rechecked and there was no sign of a candida infection.

Turns out I had a severely inflamed small intestine all this time, it was only when I went to a private hospital they took the time to look at my whole digestive system with a colonoscopy , endoscopy and a pill cam. Bottom line is if I never went to another doctor I would still be trying to treat candida.

I wrote this post to say to everyone be careful, alot of doctors are useless, but my experience here is a nutritionist was just as bad. My symtoms mimicked that of candida and I’m just so thankful I wanted a second opinion.

For anyone in London (or nearby), i’ve got a unopened packet of Red Bob’s creamy buckwheat – I’m not going to use it so I’ll send it on to someone who I know will use it.

Cheers, Sam

Hi Sam
thanks for the info. Your story could be mine except that I still didnt get a clear diagnose. In Sweden they MD are not using a pill cam and in that way they dont see everything. I believe I have SIBO and fight for a chance to get that checked out.
Could you please tell me your treatment and why did you get the inflamation in the first place. What did they tell you and how did they heal you? I heard that one reason could be too low stomach acid and a overproduction of bakteria as a result of that. Tell me little about your case and treatment. If you want you can send me a PM about it.

thank you
Trying to learn 😉