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I tried eating just veggies today…I was so starved it was awful, I had to eat some carbs. I am not sure how bad I have it even if I really indeed do have it. How do you know for sure if you have it or not. I mean a lot of other factors can contribute to my acne, over weight. I don’t get yeast infections at all I would think if I had it badly that I would get them but I dont’. I am not sure if I even have it. I plan to do a cleanse in the new year…but honestly to start it now so close to the holidays I am a little worried if I can stick to it. I work full time have children and have a very busy lifestyle. I want to clean up my eating for sure and eat better foods I am going to try to start with that, take the supplements to get rid of any overgrown yeast but I am a little confused and kind of lost as what to do right now. I am not sure I can be so strict on the candida diet for as long as 6mths!!!! that is just not going to go over well with me…I can do it for a bit to cleanse but to live on just those foods…I know that I cannot.