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raster;40530 wrote: Thats cool you found a good naturopath. She should be looking into all of these things because they are likely true for most candida sufferers. My naturopath doesn’t prescribe molybdenum and advises against its use because it does chelate minerals from the body. You should only take it if you are going through intense die-off.

Are you over die off?


Hi Raster

Thanks for your input! I’m not completely over die-off. It comes and goes. Moreover, I find it difficult to distinguish between what die-off is and what is just me still feeling crappy because I’m not really better yet. I think my body is trying to do a lot of healing and its taking a lot of energy. I have an appointment with a specialist next month to essentially diagnose me with chronic fatigue syndrome. In terms of fatigue I am still worse than when I started the diet. However, I’m not having the same extreme lows as before, its just that my energy is more consistently low and I can’t really exercise or anything yet. Moreover, as I mentioned in my earlier post, a lot of age old and new symptoms are beginning to dissipate and I think that has a lot to do with my reduction in anxiety via Ashwagandha as with my diet. I think there is likely a synergistic relationship between my anxiety reduction and the diet.

What is certain is that I’m not going through the intense feeling as though I might die. In fact, I’m often in a good mood and just really eager to get back to life at the moment – though I think I still have a long way to go and I think I need to be patient. It’ll be a good few months I think before I’m able to make plans that involve more energy (I have a serious hankering to go hiking).

I have a few more objective physical markers that indicate to me that die-off is ending too. One is that my urine is less regularly frothy as it was before. At the moment I see a lot of froth in the toilet bowl usually when I wake up or when I’ve taken my S. Boulardii rather than absolutely all the time. Another sign is that my breath isn’t really bad now like it was during the really bad times (thanks to my girlfriend for keeping me well updated on that one).

I’m certainly going in the right direction, its just about keeping that momentum and addressing any obstacles that arise!