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Flipper;40516 wrote: Hi Cheesey,
I seem to have the same trilogy, Candida, Adrenal fatigue and heavy metal toxicity.
I’ve become so dizzy and tired I can’t get through my days at all.
I’ve been on the diet for a year now, and right now it feels like I’m only getting worse.
Like you said, they can’t accurately check for heavy metals so my Doc started me on Ultra Clear Plus, only I think I had a really bad reaction to it, or my metals are really bad or I just got a viral thing that has made me exhausted and dizzy. I don’t know.
Anyway I’m curious what your new naturopath said.

Hi Flipper

My new naturopath has done an Adrenal Fatigue profile. I am currently waiting on the results for that. She also put me on an S. Boulardii protocol. I’m taking 4 x 3 billion S. Boulardii per day and have been for almost 2 weeks now.

I’ve started to feel a bit better and have had some energy back. My dizziness has abated somewhat (I only really get it now when I stand up too quickly), I no longer really get my spaced out/derealised feeling unless I am stressed, and, due to I think taking Ashwagandha, my anxiety has largely decreased!! I’m really pleased as in comparison to how I was feeling perhaps only a month ago I am doing really well. I’ve even gone back to work part-time. However, I just got back from a weekend trip to Edinburgh where I cheated (knowingly and unknowingly) and was more active than I have been at any time in the past 3 months (I think one day I walked maybe a total of 5 or 6 miles). Predictably I am now feeling the effects and am having a bit of a setback. I’m very exhausted and have quite a low mood/poor concentration etc. I think I still have a long way to go regarding my energy and don’t expect to be back to my old self any time soon.

My naturopath is of a different opinion to the experts on the forum in that she thinks that an extreme diet (i.e. the forum diet) is not necessary as candida will even feed off protein if it has to (her words). Accordingly, I am sticking to the website diet with the addition of green lentils whilst also focusing on building up my immune system with colostrum, vitamin A and D, Silymarin, rest and relaxation. I eat plenty of low GI carbs such as brown rice, quinoa etc. I am quite content in my protocol as it has begun to produce positive results.

She mentioned that heavy metals might be an issue for me, but that she would prefer to look first at adrenal function as due to my history this is most likely a factor. After we have dealt with that in one way or another, we will look at parasites. Only after I have looked at both of these things, and if I am still not doing well, that we will look at heavy metals.

I actually found that at one point I felt almost instantly better when I stopped taking too many supplements. I don’t know if I was having a reaction to a particular supplement or if my body just couldn’t handle so many things at once. One thing I actually stopped taking was Molybdenum(!?!?) and haven’t gone back to it. I wondered if maybe it was chelating metals out of the body too quickly, or if I just don’t react well to it. Maybe there’s no link between stopping it and feeling better at all, I just don’t know.