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liciabelle wrote: During the cleanse and the first 2 weeks of the strict diet, I had blood pressure issues when I was moving around. My doctor noticed that my blood pressure suddenly dropped when I stood up from a sitting position. I had to move around very slowly so I wouldn’t pass out. I am 3 weeks into the strict diet and I’m able to move around a lot more without my blood pressure dropping. That makes me think that I was just experiencing die-off symptoms. I notice that I do a lot better when I have plenty of fiber in my diet and I’m snacking between meals. I try to eat a little something every 2 hours to keep my energy going throughout the day.

I’ve experienced the hypotention to when standing. I find myself getting up as if I were 30 years older! It’s certainly the die-off. It’s also worth making sure you get enough water, because my understanding is that this will prevent low blood pressure, too.