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Greetings, Thomas

I have to say that I am completely convenienced that the body is capable and in fact is meant to heal itself. However, what most of us do not understand is that “all healing” begins in the mind before it is made physical. The mind is literally the substance of the soul in this human vehicle which allows us to experience the physical form during our earthly journey. The mind is where it all begins. What I am saying is that all of our happiness, sadness, pain, enjoyment, love, hate, anger, contentment, discontentment, joy, and misery are what we create in our minds first. We cannot experience anything as reality without it first taking place in our minds. I’m not saying that everything that happens to us is thought out thoroughly and in detail first, but the reality was in some way born in our minds first.

Your fears appear in your mind first, only then are they transformed into our reality. This means that what you most fear in life, if focused on often enough, will eventually become part of your physical reality. The mind is our most powerful tool, so please be aware of your thoughts at all times. This is what is meant by the quote, “Be in the moment.” Be in the moment by being aware of your thoughts.

Thomas, you’re right about how it seems impossible to not think about something when you’re told not to think about it. But what you can do is to replace that thought with another, that’s very possible. In your case, when you think and put into writing such statements as, “I see that I still don’t improve.” Here you have literally stated a fact, which is that you “do not improve” and that’s really all you’ve stated as far as ‘what is’. What you are focusing on is not your cure and health and not the areas where you have improved, but rather the negative things which remain. So with this thought appearing and repeated enough times, you are creating a continuousness of what has been, and so it remains.

Do not ask for a healthy body, this is stating a fact, the fact being that you do not have a healthy body but that you need one; instead, thank the Universe for the beautiful health which you enjoy each and every day. Replace the negative thought with gratitude. Know it in your mind, imagine what it feels like, ‘see’ it transform into your reality. This is how we will create our future, it’s the way I did it, and it’s the way you can do it as well.

The energy of the Universe which is a part of you is waiting patiently to heal you.