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As far as I know the bone broth method is actually a really old remedy to heal the stomach. It would be prescribed for a variety of gut related ailments.

If you read the book Gut and Psychology Syndrome (highly recommended, must be bought off of amazon) it describes employing chicken broth and only chicken broth to heal the gut by consuming it and only it for a period of time until you are ready to start introducing other foods (it’s part of the introductory diet).

The GAPS diet is very similar to the anti-candida diet in many ways. The book illustrates the importance of a healthy gut and gut flora. It’s an amazing read, really.

I tried eating only chicken broth and it didn’t last a day. Unfortunately it made me extremely nauseous and I realized I ended up really just fasting for the day instead of eating the chicken broth. So when following the Gaps diet I ended up going straight into the main diet instead.

What everyone else has mentioned is really helpful to healing the gut. In the past I’ve also taken colloidal silver to help eliminate microbial overgrowth which is associated with leaky gut. Before taking it probiotics made be horribly ill (common symptom of microbial overgrowth), but now can take them.