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teelovee92;55724 wrote: So I’m now extremely aware of my leaky gut problems. Last week I started taking swedish bitters and digestive enzymes and I feel so much better, that heavy bloated feeling has subsided(I dont look like I’m preggo anymore lol). I was online and read something about making a chicken bone broth to help heal leaky gut. What are your thoughts on this? Are there any other natural remedies or supplements I can take that will also help and promote healing in the gut? I suspect this leaky gut/candida has been a problem since the time I was a child(I’m 22 btw). I’ve always had food allergies/sensitivities/skin probs/asthma probs, so I’m not expecting a quick fix but I need to start addressing this issue asap! On a lighter note, the tinea versicolor is continuing to improve and the itchy/crawly feeling has finally gone away, so I must be doing something right finally.

I suggest you to find what is causing your leaky gut. Addressing the cause is the only solution to heal the leaky gut. There are many supplements that helps the gut lining to heal but until the cause don’t be addressed, there isn’t solution.

A good point to start is to eliminate Gluten and Casein. Then, to investigate if any pro-inflammatory pathogen is causing it. There are certain medicines that causes leaky gut.