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teelovee92;55724 wrote: So I’m now extremely aware of my leaky gut problems. Last week I started taking swedish bitters and digestive enzymes and I feel so much better, that heavy bloated feeling has subsided(I dont look like I’m preggo anymore lol). I was online and read something about making a chicken bone broth to help heal leaky gut. What are your thoughts on this? Are there any other natural remedies or supplements I can take that will also help and promote healing in the gut? I suspect this leaky gut/candida has been a problem since the time I was a child(I’m 22 btw). I’ve always had food allergies/sensitivities/skin probs/asthma probs, so I’m not expecting a quick fix but I need to start addressing this issue asap! On a lighter note, the tinea versicolor is continuing to improve and the itchy/crawly feeling has finally gone away, so I must be doing something right finally.

Try L-glutamine and Slippery elm as leaky gut healing supplements. Work your way up from 4g to about 10g of L-glutamine a day slowly. Slippery elm powder is also great.