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Matty P
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Thanks for the response Able.

I originally thought that my symptoms were all sinus related, but after my sinuses have healed (at least according to the ENT) I still experience the same symptoms:
– light headed, dizziness
– low energy
– cold hands and feet
– tired and sensitive eyes
– skin rashes
– low grade fever
– infrequent headaches

I have had several rounds of antibiotics over the last few years for sinus infections, developed an allergy to penicillin a few years ago and had giardia (sp?) about 6 years ago.

I now believe that my sinusitis was just a symptom of candida.

I have been on the forum protocol for about 2 months after previously doing the McCoombs plan for 3 months leading up to Christmas.

Not seeing a lot of progress yet, but I am persisting….