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I have only recently figured out that I may have candida. The head pressure started in march of 2012 three months after I took cipro. I lost my mother about three weeks before my head pressure came on. It just hit out of no where with facial tingling and pressure in my head and face along with a severe dizzy feeling like I’m going to pass out and get blurry vision. This came out of nowhere and was extreme right away.

My head pressure has been bad and just about 4 days ago it hit a new level after I tried to test out olive oil on my tongue. I cannot figure out how to change my diet because it literally puts me in a state where I can barely survive for several days from anything I have tried so far(coconut oil, broccoli, and olive oil). I’m really not doing well at all(this is her boyfriend typing because she has a really hard time doing so). Please help, I read that head pressure is a candida symptom and that is one of the main reasons I started to think this may be what is causing this insane condition.