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When I first started taking anything that chelated or detoxed (even chia seeds and beets) I had the same symptoms as well as other neurological symptoms (loss of depth perception, clumsiness, numbness in legs). An iridologist told me part of it is the body not being able to dispose of everything that is dying off or getting stirred around. It’s like taking the garbage out of all of the rooms in your house, but because it’s not garbage day you put all of those bags of garbage into your kitchen, and it gets in your way and slows things down.

Hopefully this isn’t too personal, but how are your bowel movements? Other signs of inadequate bowel movements and the body not being able to handle toxicity include breakouts of acne.

Doing things to support your liver like milk thistle or a warm glass of water with a freshly squeezed lemon might help you as well. When I get these symptoms I also drink aloe vera juice mixed in with something else (it’s horribly bitter) to soothe my stomach and promote bowel movements and take long hot detox baths, here’s a good link on how.