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GK;51560 wrote: Hello All,

I am a newcomer to this forum. Have been following some posts and discussions over the last few days, just joined today.

– Have been suffering from candida intestinal infestation for 2 years (or more)
– Been to 3 MDs, 2 Neurologists, 1 Psychiatrist and none could figure out what was wrong
– Symptoms (in time line): Constipation, bloating, sugar cravings, high carb & sugar intake, chronic fatigue syndrome, coated tongue, brain fog (10 days or more a stretch….real bad stuff)
– Finally did some search on the net and found out the cause (thank you internet, thank you Google, thank you this forum and users….cannot thank you guys enough)

– Have now been on the diet for 3 weeks + taking natural anti-fungals (garlic, lemon, onions, turmeric, ginger, cinnammon, coconut oil) + Probiotics (have also started some enzymes today)

Just wanted to check if:

– Anyone here has tried Neem or Gymnema Sylvestre? Any side effects? I gather these are both powerful plants and I am a little concerned if these may be too potent.

Thank you all and God bless you.

It’s very safe from what ive read.
Gymnema Sylvestre is fungistatic.

The Candida albicans fungus also makes a biofilm, which is a fungal cell collection that can be difficult to treat. The researchers found that the gymnemic acid compounds converted the biofilm back to treatable yeast cells.
“This compound prevents the biofilm formation because hyphae are the major builders of biofilms and biofilms are resistant to antifungals,” Vediyappan said. “Yeast cells by themselves cannot make biofilms and are sensitive to antifungal treatments.”

I may eventually give it a try in tandem with a natural fungicidal like cinnamon bark oil.

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