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Thomas wrote: I have IBS which is an bacterial overgrowth and unbalance in the small intestines. The high fiber diet in all candida diets was feeding the bacteria and they in turn, fermented the food and are producing poisions which give you brain fog and lots of other problems. The sympthoms are the same as in candida.

My believe today is that there are actually many people who believe they have Candida but in fact what they have is a bacterial unbalance. You can test that for yourself and go on a low fiber diet and see. For me the brain fog was the first to disappear after only 2 days. When I have too much fiber or react with a food intolerance brain fog is the first sign. But I noticed it has nothing to do with Candida. As I can eat sugar, honey etc without affecting me or getting brainfog again. I get it only when I eat fiber.

Thomas, IBS is really just an umbrella term that comes in handy for doctors who can’t diagnose you. As you pretty much said yourself without using the term, SIBO is your problem. Low-fibre diets don’t do anything to cure SIBO. They’re just treatments that maintain the underlying conditions. If you ever want to be able to eat fibre and maintain a healthy colon, you need to learn how to cure SIBO.

Low-fibre means the bacteria in the colon can’t feed, and can’t produce SCFAs which play a number of important roles in fighting off pathogens, keeping pH low and soothing the tissue of the colon. If the number of beneficial bacteria falls low enough, and the pH rises high enough, you open yourself up for a host of new problems.

Going on a low-fibre diet has shown you what your problem is. It’s acted as a diagnostic tool. Now you need to go on to cure yourself. I don’t know much about SIBO, but are you sure you produce enough stomach acid? Pancreatic enzymes? Bile salts? What about intestinal permeability? Can you do anything to disrupt bacterial biofilms that allow the overgrowth to remain strong? Antibiotics don’t seem to work for SIBO, so I think this strongly implicates biofilms.